Grace Bay Beach

We recommend to contact the front desk and inform them prior to venturing to any of the islands private or secluded beaches .

The beach that Royal West Indies sits on is the main attraction for visitors from all over the world to visit the Turks and Caicos. Grace Bay Beach is a magnificent 8-mile stretch of powdery white sand that is perfect for sunbathing, relaxing and strolling. It rims the Princess Alexandra National Park, an expanse of calm, turquoise waters protected by the meandering coral reef that surrounds our islands.

A short wooden boardwalk leads to a beach side service desk that provides you with towels, chairs, umbrella and use of our Hobie Cats boats. Drinks and food are available within steps of the beach at Pelican Bay Restaurant & Bar. Our beach offers peaceful solitude and plenty of space to yourself. So come out and enjoy the best Turks and Caicos has to offer, right at the doorstep of your Royal West Indies suite.

Visitors enjoy walking along Grace Bay Beach anytime of day and are consistently amazed at the expanse and low density of the tourists. Beachfront restaurants and bars are available up and down the beach in other resorts should you need to pop in for a refresher.

While Grace Bay Beach is our most famous and convenient seaside spot, there are other beaches in Turks and Caicos to explore should you feel the need to get out and about.

Malcom’s Road Beach is on the far northwest corner of the island (about a 30 minute drive) and features wide stretches of virtually uninhabited beach and slightly higher surf. It’s a bit of a trek over sometimes rough road, but worth it once you get there.

About the same distance away, but on the south side is Chalk Sound, Sapodilla Bay and Taylor Bay Beach. Facing the shallow Caicos banks, these beaches border waters that extend for several hundred feet at waist high depth. Ideal for small kids and to see a more ‘residential’ side of the island. Chalk Sound is an inland pond that features the most mesmerizing shades of turquoise you’ll ever see. 

Long Bay Beach is a short drive and offers rustic solitude, shallower waters and long stretches of white sand. It is also a popular spot for kite boarders. A local horseback riding operator, Provo Ponies, also offers riding trips along this scenic stretch on the south side of the island.

Away from Provo, Half Moon Bay on Big Water Cay and the stretches of Pine Cay beach just to the east of that are popular day trip and beach BBQ destinations, each offering solitude and calm waters that some days are yours to enjoy by yourself.

The beach along Fort George Cay is known as Sand Dollar Point with bountiful shell and sand dollar combing sites. You’ll also see the underwater remains of some British navy cannons that once protected the small fort that existed there back in the pirate era.