Entry Requirements Required to enter the Turks and Caicos Islands

The Turks and Caicos is introducing measures to manage the risks associated with the COVID 19 pandemic. All travellers to the Turks and Caicos Islands will be required to visit the TCI Assured Travel Authorization Portal in order to obtain a travel authorisation for arrival in the Turks and Caicos Islands. This means all visitors/tourists and residents alike. 

  • The portal will have a link for visitors/tourists as well as residents of the Turks and Caicos Islands. The travel authorization form should be presented at the time of check-in to the appropriate airline. 
  • Persons without an authorization slip either physical or e copy will not be able to travel to the islands. 
  • Once a passenger registers at the Authorization Portal and completes the registration process as outlined, a travel authorization notification will be given. Airlines will not be able to board passengers without this authorisation.
  • More information is available on the following link: http://turksandcaicostourism.com/tciassured-program-faq/

For Pre Arrival

What requirements are needed prior to arrival in Providenciales and to obtain the pre-authorisation certification?

  • For full information on entry requirements, please refer or contact the Turks & Caicos Islands Tourist Board at www.turksandcaicostourism.com.
  • The acceptance of professionally administered Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction Tests (RT-PCR); Nucleic Acid Amplification tests (NAA); RNA or molecular tests; and Antigen tests for entry to the Turks and Caicos Islands.
  • The test must be conducted by a medical laboratory with either of the following credentials: accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP); registered by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA); ISO 15189 certification. Previously, the destination was only accepting RT-PCR tests. Antibody tests and results from home-based test kits will not be accepted.
  • Only fully vaccinated tourists will be allowed to travel to the destination. Please refer or contact the Turks & Caicos Islands Tourist Board at www.turksandcaicostourism.com. ambulance care or care at the local hospital.
  • The test must be taken within 3-days of travel.
  • Medical/ Travel insurance that covers medevac, any costs related to quarantine, ambulance care or care at the local hospital.
  • Completed a health screening questionnaire.
  • All persons should certify that they have read the privacy policy document.

Proof of all of the aforementioned should be uploaded to the TCI Assured which will be available on the Tourist Board’s website – www.turksandcaicostourism.com. Once uploaded, the documents will be verified and a TCI Assured sticker or document will be issued to the traveler.

COVID Tests Available on-island for Re-entry to Your Home Destination

COVID tests are available for those travellers that require a negative test to re-enter their home destination. Most tests are available within a 24-hr period. Please check with our front office & concierge team for further details and locations of the testing sites. Contact info@royalwestindies.com OR Tel (649) 946-5004; ext. 855 or 874.

COVID-19 Protocol and Procedures

General Procedures

  • Temperature Checking – Infrared “no touch” thermometers or cameras
  • Physical Distancing – Standing 6ft away from others that are not part of your “bubble”
  • Hand Sanitizer – Readily available and “touch-less” where possible
  • Social distancing
  • Health Checks & Procedures – Guests and Staff

Guest Arrival at the Resort

  • All guests are required to wear a protective mask upon check in, in public areas and in close contact with others
  • The resort will have only a limited number of masks available
  • Your temperature will be taken with a non-contact thermometer.
  • If your temperature is indicative of a fever (100F or 38C) you will be required to contact the local hospital and subject to quarantine
  • Hand sanitiser will be available at the front desk, various points throughout the property and in the guest room
  • The resort does not provide guest transport, however, all guests requiring transport services must check with the local taxi association on the standard COVID-19 protocol and procedures.
  • Staff will be wearing masks and our shields at the front desk
  • Social distancing will be required at the front desk (6ft away from each other)
  • All guests will be asked “Health Screening” questions.

Guest Rooms

  • All rooms will have information pertaining to COVID-19 and the protocol for the resort
  • All rooms will have been disinfected and sanitised prior to the guest arrival
  • All bedding (linen, towels, mats/carpets, upholstery, etc.) and in-room equipment and appliances will be sanitised prior to the room being prepared for the guest arrival
  • All in-room amenities will be sanitised such as bottled shower gel, bar soap, amenity shampoo, etc.
  • All room cleaning staff will work with PPE – masks and or shields and protective gloves
  • Daily housekeeping service will still be provided. Cleaning staff will wear PPE.

External Tours, Excursions and Activities

  • All tour excursions will be restricted to family and private group tours
  • PPE must be worn during all activities; exemption is water based activities
  • Please contact the tour excursion company or supplier for their COVID-19 protocol and PPE requirements
  • The availability of tours and activities may vary due to COVID-19 restrictions

Pool & Beach

  • All pool and beach loungers will be set up with appropriate social distancing
  • All loungers, chairs and tables will be sanitised and disinfected after each use
  • PPE must be worn during all activities; exemption is water based activities

Moving Around the Resort Property & within Common/Public Areas

  • PPE must be worn when moving around the property; using pathways, hallway and corridors
  • PPE must be worn when accessing the pool areas and the beach
  • PPE must be worn when accessing the parking lot, the front desk and the restaurant

Restaurant & Bar Service

  • PPE will be worn by staff; masks and or shields and gloves
  • Opening/closing hours may vary due to COVID-19 restrictions
  • Social distancing will be enforced at the restaurant and bar area
  • Sit down dining service will be limited
  • Guests will be required to wear PPE when approaching the restaurant and bar area
  • Beach beverage service will be limited and will vary based on COVID-19 restorations

Travel & Medical Insurance

  • Travel and medical coverage insurance is required. This is mandatory by the Ministry of Health for the Turks & Caicos Islands. Please review the policy prior to arriving at the destination.

Opening & Closing Hours

  • Opening and closing hours may vary for all facilities due to COVID-19 restrictions
  • This will also apply to outside vendors and suppliers.

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